Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday's bits n pieces

Gabrielle Faust spotted this - "Allure of the Vampire", a nonfiction vampire compilation.

Its True Blood season II finale week - The examiner has a bunch of pics from the last episode here.

Suburban vampire spotted this, Twilight Proms for those of us in the UK.
If you live in the UK and are searching for Twilight events, be sure to check out Twilight Proms, "a brand new style of weekend event for fans of the Twilight saga." On September 18-19, Twilight Proms will be coming to London, and it will then travel to Birmingham September 19-20. Guests for the event are Kellan Lutz (who plays Emmett Cullen), Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), and Jose Zuniga (Mr. Molina).

"Jennifers Body" is a film on the way that may or may not be vampire... she has fangs and she bites necks at least, thats pretty darn close in my book. Dread Central has a new clip here.

Some stage news now... the gaurdian has a piece on the UK's Northern Stage Ballet's "Dracula" here.

Taliesin today does a review of "Burying the Shadow" a 1992 book by Storm Constantine


  1. I think that I will do my best to avoid Jennifer's Body. I am tired of seeing that poor promo shot everywhere. On the cover of Fangoria, no less! It looks terrible. Megan Fox's horrible acting is in no way made up by her physical appearance. It looks like crap.

  2. Jennifer's body is, I think, about a demon who inhabits, well, Jennifer's body. Jennifer being Megan Fox. Who is pretty to look at, but not so sure about the film.

  3. William, from the clips i have seen it doesnt strike me as anything special... megan fox clearly there for eye candy value rather than bringing any great terror to the role.

    Spot on nicole... although one clip i saw she was very vampire like, neck biting and all. Taliesin would probably do a vamp or not on the film.