Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Transylmania and lots of bits

Right, lets see what goodies we have tonight, hopefully a bit more than the last few nights... entirely too much "Vampire Diaries" rehashed stories as we approach the first episode being screened on CW.

I'll start with this... Nocturnality, a Vampire RPG game starts today... get over there and sign up if you like RPG and your vamps Anne Rice style.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - an interview from the "Suck" director.

There is an interview from venice magazine with Stephan Moyer here.

Dread Central has a big bundle of "new Moon" news here.

Dread Central also has a new Vampire Diaries promo and article here. Sandiego.com has its thoughts on Vampire Diaries here.

Rueters has some news on the PC game "The Dracula Files" here

The vancouver sun has an interview with twilight star Jackson Rathbone here.

Fearnet has a piece on "The Vampire Diaries" here.

The Examiner has a piece on Annas Paquin and he on & off screen loves here.

Bitten by books is running a poll on the "Sexiest Male Vampire in Literature"

Animenewsnetwork has a review of "Rosario+vampire vol8" here

News of a new book here - "bite me" by Donaya Haymond

Taliesin today does a review of "the bat people" a 1974 film.

Fearnet has news of "transylmania" - trailer, pics, website and release date - Dec 4th 2009.

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