Monday, 21 September 2009

Damned Friday, Dead & Lonely web series on the way.

It was the Emmy awards last night, and finally a vampire show wins something... but the True blood is so good, how could it not?

Vampire Cafe has a round up of all the vampire goodies from the Emmy's here.

Onion editor Joe Garden has a new book - "The new vampire's handbook". Vampire Cafe has a Q&A with the author here.

The cafe also spotted this, the promo poster now on show in theatres for "The Vampire's Assistant"

Bloody Disgusting takes a look at the vampire creatures from "Daybreakers" a film set for release in january... anne rice vamps these are not!

New film trailer! "Damned Friday" is being worked on by REC director Paco Plaza. Thanks to bloodydisgusting for unearthing this one.

News of an upcoming web series now - "Dead & Lonely" is set to debut on on Monday October 26th. There are five episodes scheduled, read the descriptions here at

Dread Central has news that "Thirst" is to get its DVD releasein the US on the 17th November.

Shocktilyoudrop has behind the scenes pictures from New Moon here. has a good detailed piece on "The Complete Dracula" a new graphic novel by Leah Moore and John Reppion.

I like to put something to raise a smile on the blog when i can... these certainly did that when i came across them. Buy them here!

and to finish the day with... taliesin does a review of short vampire story "The Tomb of Sarah"

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