Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I Kissed a vampire & Valemont

ok, this has been a stinky day so far, lets see if some new vampire goodies can cheer me up.

Suburban vampire has a contest and interview with the author of "Pinocchio : Vampire slayer" here.

"i kissed a vampire" is getting some coverage. Vampire Cafe has spotted the poster and the trailer.

Fangoria has its review of "The Vampires Assistant" here.

BloodyDisgusting has spotted some character banners from New Moon, for anyone interested.

More big news here... MTV is teaming up with Verizon to launch vampire series "Valemont"

Another vampire musical making the news... "The Cure" is playing in New York, read about it here.

Taliesin today does a review of "Magic of Spell"


  1. Aggghhh!!!!!!!!!!

    I kissed a vampire is so "High School Musical - the Fang Years"... I need my belly dancing vampire dvd stat (no, honestly, I have a DVD of vampires done in the art of belly dancing, Zahir knows it to be true)

  2. you know, i actually came within an inch of watching the trailer... not sure i dare now, its been a bad enough day already!

  3. Whatever happened to the good ole days when the vampires were the bad guys, and people didn't want to be one, let alone be kissed by one? How did spending eternity in high school get to be so in vogue?!

    Hope your day cheers up, Paul.