Monday, 14 September 2009

Another New Moon trailer...

ok, lets see what we have tonight... not expecting much, the vampire stuff out there is full of vampire Diaries rehashed stuff and the build up to True Blood's season II finale.

Vampchix blog has an interview with Maggie Shayne today, author of the 15 books of the "Wings in the Night" series.

Vampire Cafe today has all the true Blood season Finale stuff you could want... interviews, spoilers, video clips. If the series ahs you hooked, just head over there, no sense me posting 20 links to everything they have!

Dread Central has this addition on True blood that is worth posting - season III news.

Dread Central also has this - a detailed synopsis for New Moon.

A little mention of two DVD releases of Dark Shadows - regular readers will know Johnny depp is working on a new version of the classic vampire soap, with hopefully at least three films in the pipeline.

Shock Til You Drop has the third released trailer for New Moon here.

Taliesin today reviews Gabrielle Faust's second book in the Eternal Vigilance series, "The Death of Illusions" - a very commendable 8/10 . Gabrielle Faust's site is here.

This made me laugh... Kristen Stewart is apparantly scared of vampires, to the point of having cloves of garlic in her bedroom. Heaven forbid she ever met one that didnt sparkle and have more than pouting on his mind! She also reveals that she is scared of Twilight's fans and their obsessive behavior. Who isnt?

news of a vampire world record attempt - the most people dressed as vampires in one place.

Vampire game news now - Castlevania is to get a Wii release, and there is more on The Dracula Files here.

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