Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lost Boys 3 & Fish head

Starting with this tonight... Suburban Vampire has an interview with Nicole Hadaway, author of "Release"

Vampchix blog spotted this, from a T-shirt... can you name all the vamps?

Big news of the night - BloodyDisgusting has news that Lost Boys 3 is confirmed and on the way, starring the mighty Frog brothers.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - 6x30second clips from "Suck" and one of them is below.

Vampire Cafe spotted this as well - 100 songs for vampire lovers.

BloodyDisgusting has an interview with the directors of "Daybreakers"

More from bloodydisgusting - contrary to yesterdays casting news, Philip hoffman is not in the remake of "Let the Right one in", and get this - the project has been retitled from "let me in" to "Fish head". What the...?

Taliesin today does a review of "grace" a 2009 vampire baby film.

We have a list of vampire / halloween events taking place in Philadelphia here.


  1. No Lost Boys sequel can do it for me unless it's got Star, David, Michael, Sam and the Frog brothers....

  2. I was glad to see People in Planes on the top 100 list, though I wonder why, of all the Type O Negative songs they have, they don't have Bloody Kisses.

  3. Nicole... unfortunately they fairly much established (in the Tribe flick and Reign of Frogs graphic) that Michael and Star died in a car crash...

  4. Taliesin -- oh no! Say it ain't so! I got confused in that part in The Tribe -- at first I thought that The Tribe kids were Michael and Star's own kids, but then, didn't someone say they were the cousins of Michael and Sam? Then I found myself trying to reconstruct the Emerson family tree, and that was a bit too much time to put into understanding the sequel...

  5. Nicole, they are cousins and the car crash story is fairly explicit in the graphic novel (which isn't very good but I reviewed here)... sorry

  6. Taliesin: I think we're both right. The movie site states their cousins, but as their parents died in a car crash (mentioned in the movie), and since the comic book says Star and Michael died in a car crash, one can easily infer that Chris and Nicole are the kids of Star and Michael. And the fact that I'm being this nitpicky should show whoever was in charge how seriously we take our vampire movies, especially The Lost Boys, and they should have done a better explanation!