Saturday, 26 September 2009

Vampire Diaries so lame it is classed as a soap...

A late update today, so this might be short.

Vampire Cafe, and probably several million other viewers spotted this, the Conan O'Brien show having some fun with a twilight-esque vampire... if only they all went that way!

The cafe spotted this also - another interview with the "Daybreakers" directors.

You can tell when a vampire series is lame... when this happens!

One more from Deaana at the Café... an inside look at "The Vampires Assistant"

Dread Central has something sparkly... thats right, a dream sequence from New Moon, where bella ignores the fact edward isnt in the second novel, and spends her time dreamin about him to make up for it.

News of the Bram Stoker Film Festival, coming to Whitby next month is here. Myself and Taliesin will be heading over there for the full festival, looks like it could well be something special.

There's some wierd stuff out there with the current vampire craze, some of it good, some of it bad and some of it... well, Twilight rubbish. This probably falls into the good category... a vampire lamp.

News of a new web series here - I kissed a vampire.

Taliesin today delves deep into history, with 1920 flick "Genuine - A tale of a vampire"


  1. I only got to catch 25 minutes of Vampire Diaries this past week, and I have to say that the vamps are menacing (well, the evil brother is). They do use a good bit of vamp lore -- mesmerising, moving in and out of a place at the blink of an eye, healing cuts in seconds, and not giving a darn about ripping the throat out of the HS football coach right before a big game. The soap-ish part -- there is some drama on the football team btw two mortal players, about whether or not to be friends with the new guy. I'm not into high school drama (had enough of it the first time around), which always makes me ask the question -- if you had eternity, why, oh why, would you spend it in high school?!

  2. ok, maybe i was being a bit harsh from the initial reports it was a twilight ripoff. As always, it may well be months before we get to see it in the UK.

    still... to be inluded in a glossy soap mag...pfft!

  3. No -- you weren't harsh, and when I first heard about it I did an eyeroll (immortality in high school, again?!). There's high school drama, as I said, amongst the mortals that really doesn't draw me (beating up the geeks b/c they looked at your sister the wrong way, or some such thing). But the vampire parts are pretty good.

    Vampires on soap mags -- definitely the end of civilization as we know it!