Tuesday, 15 September 2009

little bits n pieces

News time, lets see what we have tonight.

Vampire Cafe stuff first - there is more on the Vampire World record attempt mentioned yesterday here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this... a new Vampire Diaries promo.

Bite Club podcast #12 is here.

A new fansite for "Daybreakers" has been launched... join here.

Possible news of a True Blood game on the way... full story here.

Casting news for True Blood season III here - king vampire is slated to be Denis O'hare.

Vampire Cafe also found news of the "Suck" film premiere party.

Gabrielle Faust writes her review of the True Blood season finale here.

Suburban Vampire has theme music from Sean lennon for "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead" here

Bloody Disgusting has a new poster for "Transylmania" here.

Dread Central has this, on upcoming graphic novel "Harker". MTV also runs a piece on this here.

Agh... and a few days ago i mocked a birthday party for bella. This is ten times worse, with 1500 attending!

A Chicago university this year ran a course called "Got Blood? Vampires in Literature, Film and pop culture". Suburbanchicagonews has a lot more on the courseand its lecturer Donovan Gwinner here.

News on vampire web series "Bleeder" here from the criticalmass blog.

Taliesin gets stuck into "Predatoress" by Emma Gabor today.

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