Friday, 18 September 2009

My Little Dracula...

Lets see what i can come up with for a friday night, starting as always with the marvellous Vampire Cafe.

New moon soundtrack news first... the album is due out Oct 20th.

There is a Q&A with Vampire Diaries director Kevin Williamson here.

Shocktilyoudrop spotted this - casting news for upcoming film "Priest" - Madchen Amick has joined the cast.

Bloody has its review of "Suck" here.

There is a good general piece on vampires here, ranging from lestat to true blood to twilight...4 pages, well worth a 5 minute read.

Fearnet has details of the "Dracula's Ball Halloween Show" to be held in Philadelphia.

This made me laugh out loud...

There is a review of Kim Newman's "Anno Dracula" here.

There is a review of Las Vegas show "Bite" here.

Aceshowbiz has some previews of the third episode of Vampire Diaries here.

Taliesin has dug out a rare film today - Valkoinen Peura, Finnish vampire film from 1952.


  1. A "My Little Pony" Dracula -- looks like it's the Gary Oldman portrayal. What will they think of next....

    I've always liked Madchen Amick, starting way back in her Twin Peaks days. Thanks for the news, Everlost! That My Little Pony made my evening!

  2. I remember the Lestat My Little Pony up on eBay a few months ago. Apparently, there was a Louis one, too. I'll stick it out and wait for a Marius one. That one is ALL mine.

    You know, I've been meaning to read Anno Dracula for years. I got a review copy of it like 15 years ago and still haven't read it.

  3. William, i am heading over to ebay now to see if there is any sign of those left behind, i know a bunch of people who will love to see them!

    Makes a change from seeing a sparklie vampire thing doesnt it Nicole?

  4. Shhhhh! You know a My Little Twilight will be next!