Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bleeding & Depeche Mode does True Blood

An early post, as i've spotted news of a new film. Well rather Dread Central has. "Bleeding" with Martin Weisz as director (The hills have eyes 2)

The latest Bite Club podcast is available to download, this is #11.

It is Vampire Diaries day, the show making its much hyped debut on CW tonight - in all likelihood that will push most other vampire news off the internet for the next few days. Here is the extended trailer... if you want to read tons of interview and background stuff, head over to Vampire Cafe, who have a ton of links today.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, on the back of an earlier sign for "Warning : Vampire Lair Discovered" in new zealand, part of some True Blood marketing.

Oh my... now this is something that has to be watched. Depeche mode have a new single out, and it has been paired with the season finale of True Blood. Dread Central has the video and story here.

There is a review of the Blu-ray release of "Van Helsing" here.

Azstarnet has a piece on current and upcoming vampire flicks here.

The Examiner reviews Richelle Mead's "Vampire Acadamy" here, and has an interview with the author of the Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles here

Vampchix blog has details of upcoming vampire book releases in September


  1. That's amazing. True Blood and my favorite band? It's boggles the mind with its awesomeness.

  2. Its a pretty cool video, makes me almost like depeche mode now!