Thursday, 17 September 2009

Dracula : The Undead : The Trailer

Not much to bring you tonight, most stuff out there is repeats of stuff i posted yesterday unfortunately.

Starting with this tonight... Vampchix blog has an interview with Trisha Telep, author behind the "Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance" anthology.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, a new trailer for webseries "I Heart Vampires" The full list of episodes is here.

Big news of the night - the trialer for Dacre Stokers "Dracula : The undead" is here.

E!Online has come up with a big Vampire Diaries gallery, have a browse here.

Taliesin today reviews "Vampire Hookers" a film from 1978.


  1. I guess October 13th is the US release date for Dracula the Un-dead, as my copy (p/b) arrived from Amazon UK yesterday.

  2. Must be... the film festival was going to be the release event when we first heard of it, i remember reading that somewhere.

  3. Yes I read that also, indeed you prbably passed a link to me or vice versa!

    I believe that the delay in confirmation of the festival probably made that fall through - although official release events and actual release dates can differ.