Friday, 11 September 2009

Vampire Diaries reaction

So, it was Vampire Diaries first night on the telly last night, and it takes up most of what counts for vampire news out on the interweb... here are a few initial reactions.

Gabrielle Faust writes her thoughts for the Examiner. Dread Central has its thoughts here. The Chicago Tribune gives its less than impressed thoughts here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - a detailed piece on "pinnoccio, vampire slayer" here

FearNet has a set report for new film "Stake Land" here

A little stage news - dracula is being performed in Oklahoma City's Civic Centre Music Hall on Oct 24th and 25th by the Tulsa Ballet. Full article is here.

Sometimes i come across things that just leave me speechless. Sometimes i come across things that plumb new depths... things that just have to be seen to be believed. If i said that 150 people turned up to celebrate Bella Swan's birthday from Twilight... no, not the actual actress but the fictional character... you would call the asylum and have me locked up, right? wrong... it happened. Hang your heads in shame, people of Port Angeles. has a good detailed piece on "Suck", the upcoming vampire film.

Taliesin today has a review of "Monsters - The Waiting Game"


  1. Wait -- since Bella's a vamp, she doesn't celebrate her birthday anymore, does she? Did anyone cut themselves and someone else tried to attack them?!

    Regarding Gabrielle's review of "Diaries", this line had me laughing out loud -- really it did -- "Twihards will probably detest the fact that these undead do not glitter in the sunlight and appear pretty vicious when they attack" -- I LOVED it! Great review; hopefully I'll get to catch the show next week.

  2. Oh, for shame that we missed that party...

    You know someone should point out that, in lore terms, it is not a re-birthday but actually an anniversary of her death, that might take the wind out of their sails...

    actually, the most singularly bizarre bits is people renewing their wedding vows based around twilight. Oh hum....

  3. Celebrating the death of twilight, now there is something we could all celebrate!

    Gabrielle does some great reviews. Heaven forbid anyone cut their finger clumsily, then held it up in the air saying "oh dear, look what i did" to a room full of sparklevamps.