Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Hunger, the remake.

Stan Helsing news first tonight... Fangoria spotted this, an interview with Leslie Nielsen who stars in the film.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, an interview with Michael Sheen.

Another spot by Deaana at the Cafe, an article on "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl"

Big news of the night here... Warner Bros is involved in a remake of "The Hunger", the classic film from 1983. Shocktilyoudrop has more here, mentioning that Fredrick Bond is set to direct.

ok, i've had two pics on here lately that have made me smile... about time i had one that made me weep... and no surprise, its twilight marketing rubbish yet again. This time... the twilight notepad.

and, i quote from the site...

Separated into two halves, the left side is for your to-do list ("when you're not dreaming about Edward...") and the right side, featuring the silhouette of the beloved bloodsucker, is to "doodle on when you are dreaming about Edward..."


Taliesin restores some sanity, with a review of book "Dracula, Vampires and other Undead forms"


  1. I live in Virginia near Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. They have this photo booth you can go into and have your picture taken with Edward. I am so going to do it and put it on my Christmas cards.

  2. william... when you do, scan and post it up!

  3. Definately. Remember to have a suitable look of horror / anger / disappointment on your face!

  4. A remake of The Hunger? But who can replace David Bowie, Susan Sarandon, and the classic Catherine Deneuve?

    They better not remake Fright Night. Ever!

  5. Nicole, the shocktilyoudrop one thought it was more likely to be a sequel... guess warner bros will have the final say on that though.

    Fright night... ah what a film, actually liked the second one as well - no reason why we cant have Fright Night 25 : The Bitening!