Sunday, 13 September 2009


This is not to be confused with Blood : The Last Vampire. Thanks to Zahir over at Undead Whispers and Taliesin for pointing this out, a film that it seems very few people have seen or heard of.

Blood is a japanese film, full details an be found here.

Gabrielle Faust has an update on tickets for the upcoming Vampire Ball in New Orleans here.

The LA Times has a piece today on Cirque du freak.

Vampchix blog has some good old fashioned vampire lore to discuss.

Bloody Disgusting has its review of "Daybreakers" here. Shocktilyoudrop has a pic from the film here. has a piece on the vampire playboy edition here.

The marketing world likes vampires at the moment, we all know that. Heres someone else joining the fray - Nike, with their Dracula trainer.

This is another bit of true blood video marketing... very well done as well!

Taliesin today reviews "Vampitheatre" a 1999 film by Christopher Forbes.

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  1. Have you seen "Bleeder". It's a pretty good Vampire webisode. One of the actors from "The Wire" is in it.