Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back to normal... Loaded Bible on the way

OK, normal service resumed.

lest start here, with some good news for True Blood Fans. Spike TV has nominated the show for 8 scream awards, Gabrielle Faust spotted this one.

BloodyDisgusting has some new pics from "New Moon" here.

Dread Central has an interesting spot here - a new "illustrated film" on the way, called "Loaded Bible"

ShockTilYouDrop has posted a couple of reviews over the last couple of days - Strigoi and The Revenant.

Its a book release day, and i have five to bring you news of.
Norm Cowie's vamp book, Fang Face. Taliesin did a review of this here.

Mister Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange is here.

Brad Steiger has a book out - "Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the dark side"

The Devil You Know - a graphic novel by P.N.Elrod.

And finally... "Release" by Nicole Hadaway is out today, from Vamplit Publishing

Taliesin's review of the day is "Blood Thirsty", a film from 1999


  1. Hey Everlost -- thanks so much for the RELEASE plug. Just wanted to add that the website where one can order it, ebookundead.com, is having technical difficulties (not unusual in the publishing business), but it should be up and running smoothly by the middle of next week.

    Thanks again and I hope your readers do get a chance to read RELEASE (and that they like it!)!

  2. Nicole, no problem plugging your book..I look forwards to plugging the next ten when they come out!