Monday, 16 November 2009

Fright Night remake news & Buffy webseries & Patient X

This first tonight... Thanks to Gabriel who spotted this over at Shocktilyoudrop. Details of the Fright Night remake are here.

Vampire Cafe has news of a week long vampire Diaries marathon here.

Fearnet tonight has a set report from "Stake Land"

Big news of the night... news of a new Buffy web series spotted by scifiwire.

Bloody Disgusting has news of "Patient X" including pics, poster and trailer.

Vampire Cafe has a collection of 4 True Blood interviews here.

Today is of course "New Moon" premiere day. Dread Central has a special feature here.

News of a new film from The Whitby Gazette. "Christian" is being shot entirely in Dracula's town.

News of a new book here. "The Serial killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries" by Lia Scott Price.

There is news of a possible fifth twilight book here.

Taliesin today leafs through "Pinnochio : Vampire Slayer"


  1. Okay, if they remake Fright Night in that manner, I may pay attention to it, instead of pretending like it doesn't exist! Thanks for posting that interesting scoop, Everlost!

  2. no problem! it does depend on what the producer they pick wants, it could still end up a complete dogs dinner of a film.

  3. I would definitely welcome Sarandon's return to the series, that certainly makes things more interesting!