Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Vinny Jones battles vampires!

Ok, here we are back from the festival. Out of the 21 films we saw over the 4 days, 7 were vampire films, and all were at least average, with many of them falling into the good category. Taliesin will be doing his report here, and there may well be a podcast at some point.

Lets start here tonight... i'll try and go back a few days and put anything major in the update.

The Daily Snark has the cover for Chloe Neill's new book, "Some Girls Bite" here.

The folks behind the new vampire musical "I kissed a vampire" got in contact, with a press release and a trailer available... thanks Becky!

Vampire Cafe has a bunch of updates for "Vampire Diaries" here.

Bloody Disgusting has a rumour that John Carpenter is to be involved in "Fangland", featuring a modern day Dracula who happens to be a Romanian arms dealer.

Film news! "The Bleeding" is on the way, starring Vinnie Jones. Dread Central has the details, with poster and trailer.

Vampire Cafe spotted this... Charlaine Harris talks about the later Sookie Stackhouse books and other projects.

Shocktilyoudrop has casting news for the "30 days of Night" sequel here.

Another brilliant piece of detective work from Deaana over at Vampire Cafe. "Byzantium", another new film on the way, is an adaptation of Moira Buffini's "A Vampire Story"

Mary-Kate Olsen was apparantly planning a vampire show called "Blue Bloods", although this has now been canned - spotted by Vampire Cafe once again.

The Bite Club podcast #15 is now available here.

There is more on MTV's vampire series "Valemont" here.

Fangoria has spotted first pics from upcoming vampire flick "Dead Cert" here. Like "The Last Sect", it looks as though the blokes maybe be zombie-like vamps, and the women something slightly more pleasant to look at.

Bloody Disgusting has some new footage from "New Moon" here.

More film news - "Monster Squad" - not a remake of the original Monster Squad film, but a retitling of Nightcrawlers. Read the details and the naming of the director here.

Shameless marketing time... HBO has launched a True blood jewellry range.

There is a review of Synetic Theatre's Draula here.

Google news has a piece on the current vampire boom here.

There is a feature on Hammer Horror here at Nj.com.

The Scream awards handed out an award or two to Twilight and True Blood... details of who won what are here.

Finally tonight... Nicole Hadaway has a competition going for three Michelle Hauf books... a great prize, so head over to Nicole's site!


  1. Welcome Back and We Missed You So Much! Taliesin's news on the festival was awesome, and thanks so much for mentioning my contest.

    That "I Kissed a Vampire" distubs me, maybe because now I'm singing it to the tune of Katy Perry....

  2. Thanks Nicole, it was a good festival, despite a few teething problems with it being the first year. Hope the contest goes well!