Friday, 23 October 2009

Dead and Lonely

A short update tonight, apologies for that but my PC appears to be unable to last 10 minutes without freezing at the moment.

Fangoria has the first review i have seen of "Stan Helsing"

Vampire Cafe spotted a review of "The Vampires Assistant" here.

Reelzchannel has another New Moon scene here

Alison has been in touch, from "Dead and Lonely" a new webseries. Starring Justin Rice (Mutual Appreciation, Alexander The Last) and Paige Stark, DEAD & LONELY brings the classic vampire love story to the modern Internet dating age. Pics and clips from the series are here.

Got a mugshot? turn yourself into a vampire here, courtesy of

The top 20 hottest male vamps and what makes them so hot - here at

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