Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Makers Song trilogy to be film?

In addition to the Eternal Vigilance site, Gabreille Faust does some writing for the Examiner... today she has a piece on potential plots for True Blood Season III

Near Dark is coming on Blu-Ray, although with a distint lack of extras by the sounds of it. Spotted by Vampire Cafe, read about it here.

The Cafe has also spotted an early review of "Daybreakers"

Big news of the night, courtest of Vampire Cafe again. It looks like Disney is stepping into the Vampire film market, after buying up website domain names for the trilogy of books from "The Makers Song" by Adrian Phoenix.

Dread Central has some new stuff on "New Moon" here.

A week or so ago there were a bunch of reports that "Dracula's Cellar" had been found. Now the guy that said that, says "oops, maybe not". or something similar, at least.

The Examiner has more on the "New Moon" soundtrack here

Now this is worth a read. Thesimon.com has a list of in-development stuff for american TV involving vampires... some of it seems quite strange, even for american TV so i wouldnt be surprised if any or all of these got canned before seeing the light of day.

The "I Kissed a Vampire" itunes musical featuring vampires (loosely) is out tomorrow. JustJared has a piece here on the musical.

Taliesin today reviews "Fear Itself - the sacrifice" a TV episode from 2008.

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