Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lots of news!

Scare for a Cure has organised a Vampire Ghost Tour in Austin, Texas... full details here.

Gabrielle Faust has some updates for The Vampire Film Festival, held in New Orleans, oct 23rd

Fangoria has done a review of "In the Blood" by Miranda Luna.

Vampire Cafe has found this article, "Why young women are lapping up vampire stories"

Deaana at Vampire Cafe also found this - "Blood Type - The Search" clips.

Blood Ties season 2 is being released on DVD in the states next week.

More big news here... "The Revenant" looks like it could be a big hit. has the trailer and website link here. also has news of "Fish Head" the oddly named and unnecessary remake of the brilliant "Let the Right One In"

Dread Central has a new "The Vampires Assistant" clip here.

Ah, its been a while since i've had a story about political correctness defeating vampires... but heres one.

Fantasybookcritic does a review of Charlie Huston's "My Dead Body" here.

VIZ Media has picked up the rights for anime "Vampire Knight"

This is a week old, but its the first i've seen of it. Conan o'Brien in the studio re-dubbing "Blood : The last Vampire"

There is a decent article titled "Vampires in Suburbia" here.

And finally... Taliesin does a detailed review of "Count Duckula, season II"

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