Thursday, 8 October 2009

More bits n pieces

Bite Club podcast #14 is out now... download it here.

MTV has premiered the first single from the New Moon soundtrack. For the UK playable version click here.

Bloody Disgusting has a little bit of "Priest" news... the film release date has been bumped back a month to October 1st 2010.

True Blood Season I finally arrived on mainstream UK TV yesterday (yes, you Americans dont know how lucky you are having season II already finished!) Even one of our "upper class" newspapers was impressed!

Its the Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans very soon... has a piece on the festival here.

The Scottish Herald has a piece on current vampire films here, focusing on "The Vampires Assistant, Twilight and Thirst".

Speaking of Thirst, The Providence Journal has its thoughts on the film here today... twilight on steroids is the conclusion!

For some reason, this has been splashed across the vampire alerts from google... a crocheted vampire necklace.

Taliesin today reviews "Surviving Evil", a film from 2009 by Terence Daw


  1. I want that necklace -- just in time for Halloween, too!

  2. Maybe you and Google are right Nicole! I could never be accused of being a fashion

  3. I absolutely adore your blog. You give updates on EVERYTHING. You are my go to blog for reference!

  4. thanks honolulu girl, thats what i try and do! glad you like the blog... sorry i am not a twilight fan and make the odd bad comment about the films/books, i still put the twilight stuff on here though.