Monday, 12 October 2009

Castlevania trailer, and Vampire Killers web series

Looks like being a quiet weekend on the news front, as usual... but heres what we have, starting with Vampire Cafe.

Vampires Uncloaked, from Nosferatu to Twilight... read the article here.

The sixth episode of web series "Vampire Killers" is out. Watch all six and read the background here

The cafe has this gossip on possible casting and production news for "Breaking Dawn", one of what will no doubt be many Twilight sequels.

Dread Central has the trailer and details for upcoming game "Castlevania : Lords of Shadow"

Dread Central also has the video for the new single by Death Cab for Cutie's that is on the New Moon soundtrack here.! my eyes!! *vomit*

ok thats a little extreme, but i just caught my first glimpse of "Stephanie Meyer - the comic", the author of twilight of course. I had heard it was coming, but still...ugh. Spare your eyes and stomach, and dont click here.

Taliesin today does a Vamp or Not on 2003 film, Pulse.


  1. Stephenie Meyer as a comic-book heroine. Oh my oh my, what will they think of next?!?!

  2. Nicole hadaway as a comic book obviously!

  3. Jeez I hope not! (Wonder if they'll give me really cool Wonder-Woman type boots?!).