Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Daybreakers Poster, and a couple of obscure vamp films on the way.

Comedy. Pure comedy. Starting here tonight, where he have the "10 scariest females of all time". If i said Bella swan was at no 6...

Vampire Cafe has a True Blood Season III scoop here.

A poster for Daybreakers has appeared, spotted Dreadcentral.

Vampire Cafe has a couple of clips for the next episode (6) of "Vampire Diaries"

Eclipse casting news now... expect lots of this over the next few weeks. Lucy is going to be played by... Kirsten Prout

News here that Hammer Films is moving into the world of publishing.

The old Vampyre versus the new Vampire - which do you prefer? There is a poll running here.

New film news! "Patient X" is a Filipino vamp film featuring Aswangs, or bone eating vampiric monsters as the film calls them... out Oct 28th.

and another! "Donato, king of the vampire drags" details here.

Yesterday was a book release day, with 3 vampire titles hitting the shelves.

Deep Kiss of Winter
Flesh and Fire

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