Friday, 9 October 2009

Nightlight, Dead Cert & first peeks at Eclipse

I'll start tonight with a couple of cool competitions that are well worth entering. Gabrielle Faust is offering a $50 voucher for and their steampunk / gothic collection. Details are at Eternal Vigilance.

Also on the competition front, Nicole Hadaway is giving away a copy of "The Pumpkin Seed" by Timothy C Hobbs on her blog... head over there to enter!.

Right, onto the news, and there's some good stuff tonight.

Nightlight. For the first time in 40 years, Harvard Lampoon is doing a parody novel... and Twilight is the victim. Spotted by DreadCentral & Vampire Cafe.

Vampire Cafe has a piece called "Undead Dreamboats". Can you guess what it is about? has a bunch of new photos from "The Vampires Assistant"

"Dead Cert" is a new vampire film on the way. Fangoria has casting news and poster here.

Popsugar rush has part 2 of "Six reasons why you cant live without vampires"

Vampire Cafe today has everything you need to know about the next episode of "The Vampire Diaries", Deaana has unearthed an amazing 15 links to stuff.

Dread Central has a bunch of stills and a clip from "Eclipse", the third of the Twilight series, and a couple of set pics here.

Just to show how popular vampires are right now... the romaniantimes reports that Transylvania and Dracula's castle are the country's two most famous things.

There is a good piece on upcoming book "Incarnadine : The true memoirs of count dracula" here.

"Blood and Water" is a new vampire comic from DC comics, out October 14th


  1. Hehe, I think I added a few more vampire diaries links since you posted this, I was on a mission tonight.

    Also, it might be easier in the future to link to the individual post, on livejournal you can get to the original post by clicking on the little arrow icon, then use that link. =) Sometimes the stuff you talk about gets buried.

    Much love for your site!


  2. ah! I wondered how to do that when there isnt a read more link at the bottom of an article, thanks!

    << loving the cafe right back!

  3. Oooooohhhhh, Dead Cert does look like a good film!

  4. it does look promising... maybe something similar to nightwatch / daywatch?