Friday, 30 October 2009

Being Human Being Americanized

Lets see if we can follow up yesterdays big news day with some more good stuff tonight.

Suburban vampire has an interview with Annalee Autumn, the woman behind the film "blood bound". The Blood Bound trailer is below.

Vampire Cafe has a big updated on "Live Evil" here, including release dates and a new trailer.

Vampire Cafe has a round up of Vampire Diaries links here.

News of a new Vampire RPG game here - The Real World Bites.

USA Today has a piece on vampire books for adults and kids here.

BIG news here. Being Human, is a BBC series that has gone down a storm in the USA - now an americanised version is on the way, according to Scifiwire. My missus says "friends with fangs"... it just may be like that.

Dread Central has a couple of clips from the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode.

Dread Central also has a small bundle of Twilight, new Moon and Eclipse news here.

Dracula : path of the dragon is a computer puzzle on the way to the iPhone... details & trailer here.

The BBC's film critic mark Kermode talks vampires here.

USA Today has a piece called "how vampires rose from myth to modern obsession"

MTV has more on "Pinoccio : vampire Slayer" here.

SFGate has an interesting piece... "how to make love like a vampire"

and finally tonight...Taliesin today posts his thoughts on "Stan Helsing"

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  1. I very much enjoyed meeting both Annalee Autumn (who rocked her look, btw) and Van Jensen (very astute and professional) at the 2009 Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans recently. I even got my own signed copy of Pinnochio, Vampire Slayer! I feel so special!

    They were very nice, interesting individuals and I'll be looking out for more of their work.

    Not too keen on the Americanized version of Being Human, even though I'm American. I love the character and story depth in Brit TV shows, which I don't think translates well across the Atlantic. Oh well...