Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Transylmania trailer

Very little to bring you tonight after yesterday's bumper news day... most of the stuff out there is what i put on yesterday's post.... but here is what i have.

Yesterday was a vampire book release day, with 8 titles as far as i am aware.

A Touch of Dead, book release by Charlaine Harris
Caleb, book release by Sarah McCarty
Dragon Moon, book release by Rebecca York
Friday Night Bites, Book release by Chloe Neill
Instinctive, book release by Cathryne Fox
Lucinda Dangerously, book release by Sunny
Seduced by Shadow, book release by Jenna Slade
Shadowlight, book release by Lynn Viehl

Vampire Cafe has a little casting news for "Vampire Diaries" here, with Matt Davis joining the show. has the red band trailer for "Transylmania" today.

Taliesin today reviews "The Munster's Revenge"

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