Saturday, 3 October 2009


Well... the news is pretty much non-existent tonight, it happens at the weekend sometimes.

so... this is what i have got. Cello innovator Gideon Freudmann is going to be performing the Nosferatu (1922) classic sound track. Full story here.

News from the LATimes that the four members of Vampire Diaries that flashed motorists have been let off by a judge.

E!online UK has an interview with Kristen Stewart

The LAWeekly blog has a feature on antique vampire hunting kits.

We have news of a new Dracula ballet to be performed here.

There is more on the Vlad Tepes house found in Hungary here.

A note about the Blood Ties season II release mentioned yesterday... that is season II in the US, in the UK this has been available for quite a while as the second half of season I.

Taliesin today does a review of "Munsters go Home"

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