Monday, 17 August 2009

The Vampire Lestat & new Blade?

Vampchix blog has an interview with Susan Sizemore, author of many vampire novels including the "laws of the blood" series.

Lest start with something big... Vampire Cafe spotted this rumour of a new Blade film being in the works.

The Cafe also has a little piece of information that Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows project is under way with Tim Burton at the helm.

A new short Vampire Film has been unveiled at Vampire-Con - Midnight Son, Fangoria has the details here

Vampire Chronicles news... following Bloody Disgusting's scoop about the new film being in the works, today they come up with the news that the film is going to be an adaptation of "The Vampire Lestat". Read the full story here.

Taliesin has something special today... a Meatloaf video with a vampire in it, nice one too!

The Examiner has a piece on Vampire-Con being held in Hollywood.

The Dracula files is a computer game on the way from egames - read about its progress here.

The Examiner also has a piece today on "the Vampires Assistant", the film based on the Darren Shan book "Cirque de Freak"

This could only happing in the politically correct capital of the world, good old England. Lesbian Vampire Killers is out on DVD, and our supermarkets - the walmarts of the country are putting stickers over the cleavage and the word lesbian on the title, so as to not offend anyone. I'm surprised if they have gone that far, why not stick something over "Vampires"- scary beasts, might scare kiddies, & "Killers" - well, thats just a downright bad word. Read the insanity here...

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