Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday's fangs

Another slow news day, not a lot new out there with "Vampire Diaries" previews, "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" and "The vampires Assistant" filling the internet.

So... meagre pickings, but lets start with this. has another poster for "Bloodsucka Jones"

A little bit more news on the Twilight MMORPG game... its not going to be an MMORPG game, basically. Thanks for Vampire Cafe for spotting this.

More from Vampire Cafe, news that Lindsay Haun is to join the True Blood cast.

last item from vampire Cafe... an interview with Brandon Routh, the lead actor for upcoming vamp film "Dylan Dog"

The Examiner today has a piece called "Why we are dazzled by vampires?"

and finally... Taliesin's review of the day is 2006 horror film "Room 6"

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