Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Priest makes an appearance

I'll start with a couple of items from Gabrielle Fausts Eternal Vigilance site. First is news of the "Tru Blood & Gold" Vampire Ball to be held in New Orleans over Halloween this year.

The second is for a worthy cause - a haunted house event to be held in Austin, Texas with the aim of raising $25000 for breast cancer research - I have added the "Scare for a Cure" Logo over there >>>>
read the full details here.

A new trailer promo for "Vampire Diaries" is out there now... thanks to Vampire Cafe for spotting this.

The vampchix blog has an interview with author Amanda Ashley here.

Staying on books, Maryse's blog has a review of "Dark Desire" by Christine Feehan here.

BloodyDisgusting.com has news of "Priest", an upcoming vampire film by Scott Charles Stewart, including a first look at the poster, and the official website.

More book stuff now... a book review of "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" here.

There is an interesting read here, at Mikesdirectory.com - vampires in 19th Century literature.

Some news from the unofficial twilight convention from the dallasnews.com website is here.

The Examiner does its review of "Thirst" here... the good, the bad and the really really gross!

Publisherweekly today runs a piece on Vampires and sex in paranormal fiction.

and finally... Taliesin does his review of what i hoped would be a good film, after watching the trailer - looks like Sodium Babies could be a must have for the collection!


  1. Is it just me but does Vampire Diaries look terribly twlight... I mean, I am lead to understand that they changed her from blonde to brunette to fit in with the Bella Aesthetic. However, didn't the lead, 'good' vampire look terribly Pattinson/Edward... perhaps it was just me and at least there was some blood (though if that is it for 22 (?) epsiodes it is a sorry state of affairs.

  2. Have to agree, it does look very twilight-ish, but with the added danger of a fang on display! If ever the film phrase "may contain scenes of mild peril" was apt, it is for this one i think! I doubt it will be scoring highly on your reviews...