Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Happy Birthday Nick Knight & New Moon trailer leak!

ok, there are some pretty low points in this news tonight, so lets get started with something decent.

Gabrielle Faust does a review of the vampire anthology "By Blood We Live"

Vampire Cafe has a piece with True Blood's Godric - Allan Hyde here.

BuddyTV has a little casting news for Eclipse - Jack Huston joins the fray.

Nick Knight turns 20 today - The Examiner leads the celebrations here.

ABC News runs an article today called "Vampire Romance : Mortal men no longer cut it"... although according to the article, Edward Cullen is the peak of evolution.

The New Moon trailer has managed to leak out onto the internet... although it is in french. Watch it below!

And following that... truly, a new low for all things vampire, and you guessed it, its more Twilight marketing crap. Barbie Edward and Barbie Bella.

"Lust at first bite" - how bad can a film with that title be? This blog has a couple of exclusive photos from the film.


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