Sunday, 2 August 2009

Stephanie Meyer...the comic *sigh*

On with the sunday night vampire goodies!

Vampire Cafe spotted this - the wonderful true Blood finally winning some awards!

The Cafe also spotted this, curse them - it just gets worse, and worse and... A Stephanie Meyer comic book... argh! A press release is here.

Speaking of the Twilight author, The Examiner has this small piece on Stephanie Meyer here. I'll put this quote from the article here, as I think it speaks volumes.

"Meyer went on to explain how her books were not related to completed films such as “Interview with a Vampire” and “The Lost Boys,” describing the respective films as “Yuck” and “Creepy.” Meyer’s religious beliefs as a Mormon led to her decision to not view films that receive an R-rating, limiting a wide array of vampire films from disrupting her creative process."

Moving on... the examiner has a look at upcoming vampire TV shows here.

The website has a good long piece (4 pages!) called "When did vampires turn from monsters into sex symbols?"

The website also has a piece that is worth a read, on why vampires and other supernatural wotsits are so hot at the moment.

Taliesin today has news of the fast approaching Vampire-Con in Hollywood, 14-16th August. There is also has a nice ad for Diesel jeans!

Fox23 has run a poll on the greatest vampires - Lestat from Interview with the vampire came out on top.


  1. If she never saw any of these movies/books then how come certain aspects are so very similar?? ie. Louis in "Interview" eating rats instead of people/True Blood similarities... Hmm...

  2. Hi Jezebel, thanks for leaving the comment - she did see Interview with the vampire, although her considered opinion of what is undoubtedly one of the best vampire films ever made? "Yuck". Obviously vampires should not be as Anne Rice wrote, they should instead sparkle, be obsessed with going to proms and be forever concerned with teenage romanticism, no matter how old they get.

  3. My gods! I can't believe Meyers would blatantly admit to such ignorance about the genre that has made her so ridiculously wealthy. UGH! It turns my stomach just thinking about it...

  4. Gabrielle, i am just hoping that current plagarism case has some substance to be honest, for me that would be the only satisfying climax to the twilight series.