Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Stakeland, Bleeder & much more

Wow... lots of news today - plays, two new films and a new trailer for Cirque Du Freak, or The vampires Assistant, whichever you prefer.

Lets start with some convention news tonight. Gabrielle Faust has some news of the World Horror Convention, and its plans for the next two years. 2010 will take place in Brighton, UK - read the details here.

More Festival news - Tickets for The Bram Stoker Film Festival have gone on sale, to be held in Whitby October 16-20. Very excited, as I'll be going for the full 4 days - there will be several vampire films making their debuts at the festival as well! official website for the event is here.

A couple of items from Vampire Cafe now - The CW has launched a new web series to promote "The Vampire Diaries" here - "A Darker Truth"

A new Bite Club podcast is up and ready to download here.

The Examiner has some advice on how to win a vampire role at audition. has an article called "Fear, Sex, Death : the Rise of the Undead" here today.

A little stage news now, for those in Cambridgeshire, UK. Dracula will be performed by the St Neots Players, 24-26th September. The play is a PG. Tickets cost £10 from 0870 8033543 or 01480 388922 or

More from the stage, for those of us in the UK - The Northern Ballet Theatre will be performing "Dracula" between September 10-19 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Read about the performances here and here.

This is new! A web series called "Bleeder". Spotted by TilzyTv, Bleeder follows a hemopheliac who hooks up with a vampire.

The 9:40 minute pilot is available to watch here, and the official website is here... looks good!

Vampire Vineyards launches its new True Blood range of Wines today. The Examiner has details. has news on the Twilight convention taking place at the Hilton in Parsippany this coming weekend.

The Tvdinner blog has a piece on vampires that currently adorn our TV screens here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - The Vampire Diaries is to sponsor a blood drive for the American red cross.

Bloody Disgusting has more new film news and a teaser trailer - Stakeland!

Shocktilyoudrop has the first clip to sneak out on to the internet from Cirque Du Freak. (USA viewing only)

Taliesin today tackles "Gypsy Vampires Revenge" - he is not happy, this gets a rare 0.5/10!

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