Tuesday, 11 August 2009

3 more underworld films on the way...?

This looks like being a far better news day... about time too!

Starting with this - Dread Central has the poster for "I, Frankenstein", a film featuring Dracula, amongst others.

Gabrielle Faust has news of "Vampire Fest 2009" taking place October 23-26 in New Orleans. This year, you the public will get to choose which films are show at the festival - read all about it here.

Vampire Cafe has this piece of unsurprising news... vampire films are targeting teen girls.

The cafe also has this piece - whatever happened to Laddie from the Lost boys?

Fangoria has news of Blood : The Last Vampire and its release on DVD / Blu-ray - October 20th is the date.

Shocktilyoudrop has a rumour worth publishing - not underworld 3d, but 3 more Underworld films could be on the way!

Hm... idiotic and twilight, never thought i would see those two words in the same sentence... oh wait, yes i did. Bloody Disgusting has news of a preview of a trailer for new Moon here. Thats right, a preview of the preview, and a mighty 14 seconds of it at that.

A little casting news now for True Blood fans... Dread Central informs us that Lindsey Haun will be cast in the role of Sookie's cousin.

This is a film worth watching out for. "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl" Read a review here at Twitch.

Taliesin's review today is Japanese vampire film N-Girls Vs Vampires

Finally... two book releases from the calendar at the foot of the blog. "A Practical guide to vampires" by Lisa trutkoff, and the USA release of "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange.

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