Friday, 28 August 2009

God of Vampires & Stan Helsing on the way.

The vampire related news out there is starting to fill up with Vampire Diaries stuff, and i expect i'll gradually get less and less new stuff to post until the series debut is out of the way... anyway, pressing onwards...

I'll start with a book release first. Spotted by Vampire Cafe, "Release" by Nicole Hadaway is set for release September 1st.

MTV has an interview with Paul Weitz, director of "The Vampires Assistant"

Vampire Cafe spotted this wonderful piece. Screen Legend Lauren Bacall puts the boot into twilight here, after her granddaughter forced her to watch Twilight.

This was on Vampire Cafe earlier, and its news of a new film, at least i haven't seen it before.

Fango recently spoke to independent filmmaker/makeup FX artist Rob Fitz, who gave us the scoop that he has signed a distribution deal for his years-in-the-making action/horror opus GOD OF VAMPIRES. Written and directed by Fitz, the movie follows a hitman (Dharma Lim) who takes an assignment that leads him to confront vicious Asian bloodsuckers.

“I’m getting a limited theatrical release through a company called Maxim Media,” Fitz tells Fango. “It’s going to play screens in Arizona and possibly Boston; Maxim owns the worldwide rights to GOD OF VAMPIRES, and it will then go to DVD, video-on-demand and foreign markets. When I talked to my entertainment attorney, he said it was one of the cleanest contracts he had ever seen for an independent film. I was very cautious in finding distribution for this movie; that’s why it took me so long. I didn’t want to sell it to just anybody, and I’m very happy with this deal. I wanted to go with someone who believed in the film, as opposed to just pushing a product.”

Fitz, whose recent makeup stints have included SHUTTLE, the upcoming Bruce Willis sci-fier SURROGATES and a brief stint on Martin Scorsese’s 2010 thriller SHUTTER ISLAND, hasn’t heard about specific opening/street dates yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any updates. You can watch GOD OF VAMPIRES’ trailer below; the official website will be relaunching very soon, and you can see its MySpace page here.

Dread Central has more pics of twilight Volturi and a peek at Eclipse here.

Taliesin puts himself through "Gypsy Vampire 3" today.

Upcoming Horror Movies spotted the release date for "Stan Helsing" - Oct 27th. The new poster and a few stills are here.

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