Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday night delights - Live Evil!

Lets start with this tonight. The Fangs and Fur Cruise, leaving Jan 2nd to the 9th from Miami, spotted by Vampchix blog.

There is an interview with True Blood composer Nathan Barr here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this new Vampire Diaries promo... enjoy!

Dread Central spotted this snippett of info - a mention of a possible "Monster Squad" sequel from Fred Dekker.

Dread Central also has news of a new vampire flick "Live Evil" here. The official website for the film is here

The Examiner today has its top 8 sexy she-vamps here.

This isnt really newsworthy, but since it has been such a slow news day... lady gaga as a vampire.

Patricia's vampire notes has a review of vampire book "Mortal Touch" by Inanna Arthen

I have to post this, my missus loved it so much. Vlad the Vampire Mouse!

You can buy him here!

and finally... Taliesin is doing a week long feature on Conrad Brooks.