Monday, 24 August 2009

Three Dark Shadows Films? And Robin Hood to battle vampires...

Big news of the day has to be this snippett that i have not seen before - we all know Johnny Depp is behind the Tim Burton remake of "Dark Shadows" - there is mention here that the Depp / Burton combination has at least three films in mind!

True Blood's Stephen Meyer is joining the cast of "Priest", the upcoming vampire film - Not playing a vamp this time unfortunately - Dread Central has the full story here. The Coventrytelegraph also has a piece on this film here.

IndianExpress has a vampire article today - "Desi vampires : not a bad idea if executed properly" has a piece on "Suck", the vampire film laden with pop stars such as Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper.

Heres something entirely new - "Sherwood Horror", a modern remake of Robin Hood with a gothic horror twist, the legendary hero battling vampires, of course. Dread Central has the full story here. Below is the conceptual art for the evil vampire Sherriff of Nottingham.

Dread Central also has the DVD covert art for "blood : The Last Vampire" here.

Taliesin today has a review of "Gypsy vampire" a movie by Conrad Brooks. ha a nice piece on Dracula here.

Fangoria has an article on the Vampire Ball at the recent Vampire-Con - lots of words and pretty pictures are here.

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