Saturday, 8 August 2009

Underworld 4... in 3D!

Lets have some vampire news shall we? has to be some good stuff out there after a couple of days of notalot.

Starting with something big... Dreadcentral has some news on Underworld 4... its going to be in 3d!

Vampire Cafe spotted this... new promo shots for Vampire Diaries.

Newsarama runs a piece today - "Vampires Suck - or do they?"

The is the second piece i've put a link to on the blog from this place - The institute for emerging Ethics and technologies today has another article on how society deals with True Blood's vampires.

Channel news Asia today has "Hollywood's ten most powerful vampires"

The Examiner has another piece on "The Wizards of Waverly Place vs Vampires"

Taliesin today does a review of David Wellington's "23 Hours"


  1. I really love the renewed interest in 3D movies! And it's great that the technology has grown since the days of red and blue glasses - they gave me such a headache. Because Vampire movies are so atmospheric the 3D really adds a new dimension to the genre.


  2. Hi madame magnet...thanks for the comment. I think a vampire 3d film is a great idea, if done well... imagine seeing those fangs reaching out from the screen towards your neck...!

  3. How cool is this, I love the new 3D trend, it just sucks that the DVD translation of the 3D doesnt work, but that is a genius move at the same time for the filmmakers and distributors looking to fill seats. I am reproaching the Underworld series tonight coincidentally, 3rd one is due later in the week on Netflix =D

  4. Carl... just seen a rumour of 3 more underworld films on the way, better make space in your shelfing for a bigger box set...