Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday's stuff

Pinocchio : Vampire Slayer got a brief mention a few weeks ago. Now, Gabrielle Fuast's site has unearthed some more on this, including a trailer!

Vampire Cafe spotted this... 20 celebs photoshopped as vampires, worth a look!

Dread Central has news of Twilight : tha manga version...sample pic below!

Shocktilyoudrop has news of the "Jennifers Body" Graphic Novel here.

Newsarama has news of this strange creation...the latest comic book series from Dark Horse - "Werewolves on the moon vs Vampires"

The today has news of a book "Allure of the Vampire ; Our sexual attraction to the undead" by Corvis Nocturnum.

The diedangerdiediekill blog today has a review of Vampire, the Japanese film from 1968.

Taliesin does another "vamp or not" on "Blood Car" from 2007. has an article on vampires and sex. has news on computer game "The Dracula Files" here.

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