Friday, 24 July 2009

Fridays Fangs

ok, lets see what we have tonight.

The Examiner is a good place to start - they have a piece today on "Mister Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange. has an article on vampire viewing figures here...seems we are more hooked than ever!

The Examiner has more today on the Dark Shadows remake by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

More manga from Taliesin today, with a review of "Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust"

News for UK readers... ITV has picked up screening rights for Vampire Diaries has been following the Vampire Diaries news from Comic-con... read about it here.

A little bit of blog news. I've added the Vampchix blog over there >>>, and the associated "Ultimate Vamp List", that contains details of over 4000 vampire books - both are well worth adding to your blog list. I've also added the London Vampyre Group, who were kind enough to link here.

And thats it, quiet day out there - just a reminder for our american friends - Being Human starts showing on BBC America tomorrow (i think) - make sure you watch it, it is top quality stuff!

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