Sunday, 19 July 2009

A new graphic novel, and Cirque du Freque comes closer...

ok...apologies for no news yesterday, sisters wedding kept me otherwise occupied!

Lets make up for it with this... Vampire Cafe spotted this, a clip from soon-to-be-released "Thirst".

heres something new... "Red : A vampiric graphic novel". Saw this over at Vampire Cafe, it is by one of the community members. has a preview of the "Jennifers Body" graphic novel. Still not sure of this is vampire or not, but i'll put the links and let you decide. has a piece today on vampires, women, true blood and sex. has news of Darren Shan's novel "cirque du freque" - retitled "The Vampires Assistant" and has been moved forwards to OCt 23rd for release.

Google news has a nice long piece on recent vampire novels here. has something i daren't read. "Twilight inspired vampire Romance for kids"

Taliesin today has a lot more detail on three links i've had here over the last couple of days. "The Last American vampire, Mercy's revenge" has a trailer here, "Strigoi" looks interesting, adn the trailer is now on youtube... and finally some more info on "Thirst" with some videos to watch here.

AAARG... my buddy taliesin is occasionally on the receiving end of a rant from me when i see something so... so... i have no words. Twilight cream filled heart shaped chocolates. I repeat, AAARG!

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