Thursday, 23 July 2009

Castlevania film back on!

The Examiner has news today of the conversion of classic game Castlevania into a film, and it is going to be Saw co-creator James Wan - promising! last i heard of this, the film had fallen by the wayside, seems it is back on!

Gabrielle Faust's site has an update on the Vampire weekend in New Orleans this year over Halloween.

Bloody Disgusting has a couple of videos from the Twilight gang at the Comic-con event.

Bloody Disgusting also has the first one-sheet artwork for "Dead of Night", the adaptation of Dylan Dog.

And for the hatrick... Bloody Disgusting has a third clip of "Thirst" here. has a nice general piece on recent vampire series here.

Argh, no! Yet more of my favourite thing, twilight marketing spinoffs! After dolls, this time it is Twilight Chocolate Bars.

News of a new book on the way, September 1st. "Real vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the Dark Side" by Brad Steiger.

Taliesin has more vampire manga today - Vampire Knight Guilty.

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