Monday, 13 July 2009

Monday Monsters

OK, enough of the "blood: the last vampire" reviews please...this is three days when i have hardly anything but that to look at on the vampire news front.

There is a new series, coming to Disney on July 24th. Wizards vs Vampires has 4 parts, and a preview is here. (This has been around the news for a few days, but this is the first working site i have seen)

The Examiner Today run reviews of the classic "Dracula's Daughter" from 1936 here, and "Dracula" from 1931 here.

Vampire Cafe has a good detailed article here - "Vampires, and the sluts and virgins who love them"

Taliesin does a "vamp or not" today on "A Chinese Ghost Story" - get over there, read the review and vote!

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