Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday Night Delights

Oh, have i got some quality stuff here.... 2 youtube clips and the best pic i have seen in a loooong time!

The Examiner has a piece on "Vampire-con", August 14-16th in LA.

New screenshots for Vampire Diaries have been released by the CW channel - accesshollywood has news and the pics. The Examiner also has news of how Vampire Diaries went down at Comic-con in front of a lot of Twilight fans - they didnt like it, perhaps there is hope for the film after all...

Gabrielle Faust's site Eternal Vigilance spotted this - A trailer for Bubba Ho-tep... not vamp, but i had to add this tonight.

Vampire Cafe! oh how i love that site, they have the single best picture i have seen in... ever.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this - HBO are launching the Real True Blood Beverage drink - advert below!

More from Vampire Cafe, a good article on vampires that is worth a read.

Bloody has spotted the release of the official "Dead of Night" website, the adaptation to film of the Dylan Dog series.


  1. the much touted, but not yet in productiojn, prequel to Bubba Ho-tep was going to be based around she-nosferatu, btw

  2. Thanks Taliesin, i knew i had seen that somewhere! (ok, i thought this was the vamp one, thats why i put it on the blog before watching it..duh - had to leave it on here though!)