Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday's Frights

Apologies if there is no update tomorrow - sisters wedding, so i may well be busy!

Right, straight into the news from today.

Dread Central today has a piece on "Dracula : the Undead" by Dacre Stoker - possible film adaptation on the way?

Dread Central also has casting news for Twilight 3 (Eclipse) - Xavier Samuel has signed up. has a review today of new vamp film "thirst". today does a piece on vampires in comics - lots of dracula!

More on the vampires vs werewolves fundraising event for wolf and bat charities here, from

It seems the emmy's have decided to ignore true blood, despite it being the most successful series out there at the moment... MTV has reaction to its zero nominations here.

The LA Times has news from the set of Twilight 2, "New Moon" here.

The Examiner also has a piece today on vampire tv series here. has a good long article on why the ladies love vampires. has news of a new vampire film : "The Last American Vampire : Mercy's revenge"

Vampire Cafe spotted this - a behind the scenes look at true Blood season 2.

Another spot by Vampire Cafe here - new film Strigoi (includes trailer!)

Taliesin does his vamp-or-not today on "Blue Jean Monster", a hong kong film from 1991.

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