Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday's Bites

Lets start with this : The has news of a fundraising event, vampires vs werewolves here.

Agh... first the edward cullen twilight doll, now this. Stephanie Meyer : the comic. no further comment needed.

The Romanian times website has news of a festival at Bran castle (draculas castle to tourists everywhere).

News of a new 1-hour documentary on Dracula now, to be shown in the UK on BBC4.

Google news next - an article on christian fiction now publishing vampire stories.

IO9 has a poll on who should play Eli in the "let the right one in" remake.

Bitten By Books today has a review of "biting the Bullett" by Jennifer Rardin.

This tickled me - i'll admit, i havent seen all the Angel episodes. Vampire Cafe spotted this.

Finally, Taliesin does another Vamp-or-not on La Notte Dei Dannati, a 1971 italian horror film.

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