Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Twilight MMORPG game on the way...

Hopefully, some good will come of this horrible news - White wolf have been working on a MMORPG game based on Vampire : the masquearde... perhaps this news will encourage them to get on with it! Vampire Cafe spotted this - A Twilight game that thousands can play online together at the same time. The Examiner also has a piece, with news a demo will be on show on Nov 20th.

Gabrielle Faust's Eternal Vigilance site spotted this - a new True blood advert, promoting the newly launched drink.

More Twilight stuff - Bloody Disgusting has casting news for Eclipse here. Even Robert Pattinson doesnt like his character, its official... Edward Cullen is a wierdo, according to the Brit actor.

The Examiner has a preview of the next in the "House of Night" series of books by PC and Kristen Cast. "Tempted" is released on October 27th

The HD Room has spotted this - first pics of Twilight's Volturi clan.

In a far more accurate version of the top ten vampires link posted yesterday, Taliesin spotted this - top 10 sexy vampires list.

I forgot to do a check on my own calendar yesterday, duh. Four vampire book releases to bring you news of yesterday - "Bite Me" by Melissa Francis, "Dark Lover" by Brenda Joyce, "Dark Warrior Unbroken" by Alexis Morgan, and "Destined for an early grave" by Jeaniene Frost.

Finally, Zahir over at Undead Whispers spotted these two trailers on Youtube for Guillermo del Toro's book "The Strain" - enjoy!


  1. The Twilight cash ins just dont end, do they? I cant say anything though, I know its some people's deal, and I am just as nuts about other crap ass horror movies so to each his own! Cheers Everlost!

  2. Thanks Carl... yea, some of my least favourite things now come in the form of Twilight marketing crap... lipstick, chocolates, Edward Cullen dolls to name but a few. There is always the hope that in the MMORPG game you will have scope to go downright evil and run about killing things that sparkle...