Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday tittle-tattle

Lets start with this, tonight. The Examiner recommends 5 vampire book series to read once you have put twilight in the bin... oops, i mean... finished the series.

The Examiner also has news of a new book, "The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns" by Elizabeth Leiknes.

Horror and fantasy books blog has a review of "some girls bite" by Chloe Neill

Gabrielle Fausts site has news that Near Dark is being re-released on DVD - full story here.

Another "top vampire movies" list published today... 26 of the best with youtube clips here.

Ugh... Screenrant.com has speculation on Twilight spinoffs... anything to leech a few more $ out of teenagers eh?

A few sites are running with the possible Blade spinoff, centered around the Deacon Frost character... its old news, original story was from the turn of the year.

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