Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Now there are Bill Compton dolls...

A couple of days ago I had an unpublished rant about Twilight dolls... and at first glance it looks as though the marketing crap has made its way over to true blood. However, as Gabrielle faust writes for the examiner, the Bill Compton doll at least looks as though some effort has gone into it.

MTV has a piece of fluff today about the vampires of Twilight and True Blood.

Newsmax has an article today that contains a couple of bits of news - new vampire books on the way, quote below.

"Christian books, too, are jumping into the vampire genre, an example being Eric Wilson's “Jerusalem's Undead.” It’s a trilogy, which features creatures that have taken on the undead status because they’ve been infected with the blood of Judas.

There’s also a new book that’s a religious version of “Twilight.” It’s called "Thirsty," and the main vampire, whose name is Markus, is a kind of demon."

Trueblood.net has a bit of news about an upcoming vampire convention in LA mid august - "Vampire Con 1" with an updated schedule.

Gabrielle Faust spotted this, something that might make fans of True Blood's Eric fall over.

The FayObserver today has a piece on current YA vampire novels out there.

Vampire Cafe has a review of the excellent Being Human, now being shown on BBC America over in the states.

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