Thursday, 30 July 2009

True Blood Season III is confirmed!

I'll start with this today...

Taliesin has done his review of "Fang Face", a young adult vampire book with plenty of comedy by Norm Cowie... no pouting or splarklies here! The book is released on the 9th September, sounds like it is worth adding to the collection!

A little twilight news from the BBC next... Rachel lefevre being "stunned" at being replaced in the third film.

The SFGate website has a nice interview with Park Chan-wook, director of "Thirst" here.

Oh, i am angry. I have, tonight discovered the term "Twitard". That, believe me, does not go even 1% of the way to describing this piece of crap from Twilighters Anonymous. The article reads as though they pulled snippets from wiki, and they clearly have no idea on the vampire lore Anne Rice uses. I'll pull one quote from this to illustrate :

"Primitive seems an accurate word for describing Louis, Lestat, and all of Rice’s vampires compared to the Cullens—at least if we are considering humans to be the most primitive of the creatures here. There would be no contest between Emmett and bad-boy Lestat."

Ugh... i can barely force myself forwards after reading that. The quote "louis doesnt even play baseball" is going to haunt me, i am sure. David Slade, if you are reading... please turn Twilight III into a bloodbath that would make Tarantino sick, you know you want said so at one point!

Right... onwards. The Examiner has a little piece... actually TWO pieces of good news on vampire MMORPG's as featured yesterday. One - sounds like the Twilight game news may be a little premature, and there is a mention of what would be a good game, the mass-player version of Vampire : The Masquerade"

News of a new book now : "BloodRite : Dominique" by Sara S Scott. The book goes on sale tomorrow from or from the authors website,

And some late breaking news from Dread Central, entirely the best news of the week! True Blood has been confirmed for a third season!

Dread Central also has this - a new clip of "thirst" and an updated Theatre screening list.

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